The Woodland Project is an artist led project and residency, situated in a unique woodland in a small village in Cyprus. The idea to create the Woodland Project originated from the sculptor Sophia Demetriou who has worked and installed work in outdoor environments through commissions in different countries in Europe. The need for the Woodland Project arose from the lack of affordable outdoor spaces, and the inability  to produce and create projects outside of the  topics proposed  by those commissioning work. As a large amount of outdoor practices are monumental we aim to generate anti-monumental practices and to explore how these practices can reposition outdoor artworks and develop the relationship between woodland and human beings. The Woodland Project  encourages people to go out and create, feeling free without the constraints of an indoor studio, whilst enabling exploration of how practice alters according to indoor and outdoor environments.  Nature expands ourselves and the way we perceive things. This Project encourages reflection  on the relationship between nature and practice and on how art and its environment may form one integrated unit.
The Woodland Project is open to all, professional artists and amateurs. The focus of this Residency is to inspire the use of the site as your studio, so that a natural woodland environment is introduced into the relationship between artists’ work and the creative process.

This residency offers artists and people who like art and nature a unique opportunity to discover and test the sculptural materiality of woodland and to develop outdoor practices in a natural and open space and to build an outdoor portfolio. It offers the tranquility of being focused on your practice, a unique distinctive outdoor environment within which to develop your work. Classes on sculpture and drawing by a leading artist are available for those who want to develop and learn new techniques. The courses costs £80.00 for 12 hours per week.
Working Facilities
The house includes space for artists to work, such as a large balcony, a large communal space and an interior patio with machines for woodwork and welding and electrical manual tools. Exploring the woodland, you can find natural materials such as wood and stones and others which can evoke imagination. Additional materials can be ordered on request so when you arrive the requested materials will be there.
The woodland is approximately 500 square metres. There are wooden workspaces to work.

Expenses paid by the Woodland Project

Use of woodland as your studio (full permission from the owners)
Transportation from/to the airport
On- site technical support
Residency conditions:
1 week
The artists will stay in a comfortable, local 19th Century house, situated 15-20 minutes’ walk away from the woodland and 5 minutes by car. The house is a traditional Cypriot house, with fully equipped kitchen which you can use to cook!!
On the upper floor there are three large bedrooms which can be used for single or shared occupancy and a large balcony with a picturesque view which can be used for work.
On the ground floor there is a large communal space, the bathroom and the kitchen. There is also an interior patio with trees where there are the electric tools and the space of artists presentations. It’s a perfect space for a glass of wine after work and a dinner under the stars! During artists’ presentations, we treat you commandaria, the traditional Cypriot wine! ‘Commandaria represents an ancient wine style documented in Cyprus back to 800 BC and has the distinction of being the world’s oldest named wine still in production, with the name Commandaria dating back to the crusades in the 12th century’ (Wikipedia).


Workshops and Artists’ Presentations
Presentation of local artists’ work and resident artists will be arranged on a case-by-case basis.

There are workshops of sculpture and drawing. The courses costs £80.00 for 12 hours per week. The workshops include the following courses:

  • Stone and wood carving
  • Stone letter cutting
  • Soldering and welding
  • Plaster moulds and fibre glass

Presentation of local artists’ work and resident artists will be arranged on a case-by-case basis.

Working Language


Local Attractions
The village, Mandria, is near the village of Platres, the principal mountain resort of Cyprus.
Two waterfalls – Kaledonia and Millomeris, Platres (walk through nature trail)
The sea is 45 minutes by car, in Limassol
Cycling Routes- Cyclists can cycle cross island throughout the Troodos mountain range.



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